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Remember the Mario game..? Its lot tougher now..thanks to AI

Gaming Industry is the biggest beneficiary of AI...Lets see some insights

Yes, that was my favorite game back then wherein i 'Mario" go collect the coins and rescue the princess. Well now its a lot tougher thanks to AI.. AI researchers are using GAN (Adversarial Networks) to make it more intuitive. More info on GAN can be found here Basically its a an algorithm thats made of 2 modules one that creates sample /fake data and

the other that counters it to determine its genuineness. So using AI we will no longer have games following a pre-determined flow, it will depend on users skills and his inputs. I strongly believe that AI has lot of advantages when it comes to gaming because they are so symbiotic in nature, tools like VR, headsets help it along the way giving a better viewing and gaming experience.

However dont get me wrong AI was there in the late 90's however this buzz word is gaining more traction now. In early 90's FSM ( Finite state Machine)

algorithms were used in most games like Mario, Call of Duty( These were the 2 i was found of :) ) however the were more in a predictable format.

The ability to learn on the fly was less. Now more advanced algorithms like GAN, MCST( Monte Carlo Search Tree) can pick up were FSM left off.

Love to hear your thoughts ..Happy blogging!!

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