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Tableau 10.5 - So what is cool in here?

With the new Hyper engine and advanced viz features ( Power Trend lines, Viz in tool-tips) ..will this be a game-changer? Can it still be the leader in Gartner's quadrant ?

.HYPER Extract

Starting 10.5 whenever you create extracts you are storing it in .Hyper format not the usual .tde format we are used to. This is because tableau now comes with a new improved engine for heavy extracts(>1 million rows) for faster refresh and better intuitiveness however one should note that this engine kicks-in only when tableau starts reading the source data ( So a lot still depends on network speed and your data source structure). After extract is upgraded or created in 10.5 it is imperative that you upgrade your desktop to 10.5.

Tableau - Leader in Visual Analytics has always been one step ahead of its rival Power BI. In 10.5 version the 2 features that stand out in terms of Performance and Coolness is the use of ".Hyper extract" and "Show Vizs in Tool-tips"

Caution:- Tableau server needs to be in same version or at a later version that Tableau desktop. So some of the advantages of this extract include:-

  1. Faster Extract Refresh

  2. Support Large Data Sets

  3. Additional computational features like Count Distinct

Some visible changes noticed while upgrading extracts in this format include

  • How date strings are interpreted through the date, datetime and dateparse functions.

  • Better collation support resulting in better sorting among string values

  • Breaking ties in Top N queries especially while dealing with Duplicates

Excellent article on this feature can be found here Hyper extract

VIZ in tool-tips

This is the probably the stand out feature in Visualization, on hovering over the tool-tip you see amazing things happen. This engages customers with the data at a different level, while keeping them in the current context and maximizing the space available for the current view. The above screenshot

Hope this intro was fun and exciting..Happy Blogging!!

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