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In need of High-Quality, trusted data? - Purview + Profisee

Nowadays everyone knows how important data is and how it can influence the future outcomes. Its easy to secure "Data" but managing it is a different thing. Its like trying to cage wild animals, sounds magnificent but can get out of control if not handled.

This is where Azure Purview comes in...It is a unified data governance service and a SaaS offering. It provides Data catalog, Data classification & Data lineage.

In few words how this is how it can be summarized :-

1. Essentially it is maximizing business value of data, customers can scan data residing on on-premise , SaaS sources and multi-cloud( s3 is supported in purview) to build a data-map.

2. The more you scan the powerful your Data-Map becomes (>petabytes of data). In a nutshell its a graph with different data points coming from multiple disparate sources.

3. You can then use Purview- Data catalog to scan this graph and get recommendations

on discovery , sensitivity and classification.

4. Then you have Data-Insights that gives a bird-view of your Data estate.

5. For example if you have a data lake/ S3 registered as one of the sources you can choose to scan certain section of your data assets, tag your assets and take actions . Also the Data-Map automatically captures any change in underlying data source.

6. It provides object level and column level data-lineage!!

With that said go-ahead a launch the purview studio to experience this!!

Where does Profisee come??

Profisee is a MDM software geared for Data stewards, It's golden record management engine (GRM) can cleanse, de-duplicate, and verify performance of records numbering in the millions. It provides business users with with easy access and management of the definitions, descriptions, and associations that describe master data application.

In a nutshell - it validates, standardizes data coming from a governed purview output. As a result this data is high-quality, trusted, and ready to use.

Combing Purview with Profisee can bolster your trust and data quality, it is recommended to use Purview to be the enterprise platform for data governance and allow Profisee to be the enterprise platform for MDM.

Also it is observed that adding governance extensions to MDM flow might be bad choice since it complicates the outcomes and risks creating governance ‘silos’ that further fragment the overall data architecture.

Interesting isn't it? Please check below links for more info on Purview and Profisee

* images and sources are from Microsoft & Profisee

Love to hear your comments...Happy blogging!!

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Goutam Roy
Goutam Roy
Aug 29, 2021

Good briefing Karthik !! Thanks for bringing the Purview / Profisee capability into attention. It certainly triggers interest for further reading.

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