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Looking for a comprehensive code Analysis T-SQL plugin?

Look no further than SQL Prompt - A Redgate product that truly improves productivity of your T-SQL developers coupled with great code-quality guidelines.

Often Organizations struggle to measure code-quality deliverables, we went through a similar situation where we had to measure our code quality against our organizational standards, and that's where we used this plug-in.

Some features that make compel you to use it are :-

1. Improve Code Quality Standards + IntelliSense ( A Code -completion feature)

2. Readable, consistently formatted code.

3. Better Database design and code quality.

4. Tight integration with Excel/CSV.

5. Can be used as plugin with SSMS or Azure Data Studio

From the above image you see the impact of the plug-in. It clearly provides the following

  1. Prevent build-up of technical debt in your code

  2. Great readability

  3. Reduces de-bugging time and increases team velocity.

  4. Minimize delay in deployments and maintenance costs.

Static Code Analysis- a feature that I love in this Product!

SQL Prompt's built-in static code analysis rules allow teams to check for problems automatically, during development and testing work, therefore minimizing the number of 'code smells' that creep into the application and database builds and improving build reliability.

Static code analysis parses the source code, checking the syntax for compliance with a built-in set of rules. These rules are designed to encourage good coding practices, and to alert the team to possible mistakes, omissions and vulnerabilities in the code base. 

The plug-in provides out-of-the box 100+ rules that can catch deficiencies and increases your deployment lifecycle. The rules are broadly classified as Script rules, Style rules, Best Practice rules, Performance rules & Execution rules. It also allows you to define your own set of rules.

How it fairs with other products, Solution Architecture

We tried other tools like SonarCloud however here is our comparison of features post our POC:

Below is the solution architecture of how we wanted to publish our code quality findings or metrics by integrating SQL Prompt with Power BI and Sharepoint.

Hope you liked this blog! the plug-in comes with a free 14-day trial - so try it out in your development box and show it to your clients :)

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