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Power BI Report Server - This solution is sure to attract lot of customers

Will this On-Premise solution live up to its hype? Customers now can do-away with cloud offering and ensure organizational data stays in-house.

Finally, Microsoft released Power BI Report Server ( early September 2017) to counter Tableau server. You can download the latest version here Power BI Server . This forms the On-premise solution most customers were looking for ( organizations mainly mid-sized and small-sized companies cannot afford high cost private clouds).

In PBIRS customers deploy on their own premises for creating, publishing, and managing reports, then delivering them to the right users in different ways, whether that’s viewing them in web browser, on their mobile devices or tablets. It supports different kind of reports like :-

  1. Excel Spread sheets:- Excel is nowhere to go, executives/managements still use to store information in this ever friendly tool.

  2. KPI's:- Key Performance Indicators sure make good management decisions provided they are dynamic.

  3. Paginated Reports:- If company is using Microsoft Stack, then they should have some SSRS reports, these can be pushed to PBIRS. These help in providing detailed or transactional data.

  4. Power BI reports:- You could also upload your reports/dashboards created from Power Bi Desktop into PBIRS however the only caveat is you need to download the PBI-desktop optimized for PBIRS as a separate tool.

  5. Mobile Reports:- Using SSRS shared data-sets you can create reports optimized for mobiles/tablets using SSRS Mobile publisher( Download here- SSRS Mobile)

Design with Ease

PBRIS is the best solution for companies using Microsoft stack. This On-premise feature lets you publish KPI's,Spreadsheet,Dashboards and Reports.

Note:-You need to have .NET framework 4.6, Min 1 GB hard disk space and Max of 4GB. It is supported on x64 processors only. It creates a Reporting DB inside SQL server (compatible with 2008 on wards).For detailed instructions on how to download follow the you-tube link of GuyInACube

So, how does it fare with Tableau and why go for PBIRS ?

Although Tableau server and its products are more mature( They are ranked #1 in Gartner's Data visualization section) and have tested all times PBIRS is not far behind. It is comparatively less expensive than Tableau. You can have PBIRS if you have SQL Server enterprise edition or you already have an existing Power BI Pro License. So companies already in Microsoft stack benefit a lot.

There is an excellent article of a POC on PBIRS by Meagan Longoria- check it out

Hope that intro was fun and exciting..Happy Blogging!!

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