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Switching to Synapse.. check out SYNAPSE PATHWAY!!


Most customers would love to modernize their existing Data warehouse but are hesitant considering costs, man-power involved and of course the data quality post migration. Azure Synapse Pathway puts all that to rest.

Synapse Pathway helps you to automate translation of schemas, tables, views, functions (basically all DDL and DML statements) to T-SQL complaint code , currently it supports warehouses like Snowflake, IBM Netezza and SQL server.

Behind the scenes it follows a three-stage process for translating SQL code from a source system to Azure Synapse SQL. First stage involves parsing the source code and the 2nd stage involves creation and processing of augmented Abstract Syntax Tree (AST) and the last stage involves generating Synapse SQL using AST generated above.

Currently Azure Synapse Pathway is in Preview. Support for Synapse Pathway is available through Microsoft support channel. You can raise the ticket in the Azure portal. Its a free, intuitive tool that automates ( Microsoft claim that it can automate up-to 76%) thereby reducing migration costs. The only pre-requisite is it needs

.NET Core Desktop Runtime 3.1.11 or later.

Interesting isn't it? I haven't actually tried this out but if you have let me know. Also Apply for the limited-time Azure Synapse migration offer to save up to 76%.

* All images and sources are from Microsoft.

Love to hear your comments...Happy blogging!!

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