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DeepCoder - AI Program developed by Microsoft AND CAMBRIDGE

Updated: Mar 19, 2018

Is this going to replace software coders forever? See my take on this..

Yes, DeepCoder is an AI software built by Microsoft and Cambridge that can write programs to solve simple math problems. I always use stack-overflow to check for solutions whenever i am stuck and this AI program uses the same goes through a bunch of programming codes laying around and picks an appropriate one based on inputs thus aiding in code development.

It is based on Neural networks and uses a technique called "program synthesis". For now, does not give programming output in complex programming languages like Python or C but uses Domain Specific Language similar to SQL.

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These AI programs definitely are a boon to non-coders however they are meant to solve repetitive tasks within a coding project, the complex tasks still rest with coders and they are the decision makers..however this may change over time.

Use Cases

Some of the real-world use case i see are:-

  • Automate CRUD based applications

  • Aid Coders/Developers in focusing key/complex areas

  • Give the best or the most simple programs/solutions rather than a bunch of programs to choose from

Want to know more about it? Click here DeepCoder #artificialintelligence, #AI

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