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GDPR is here and now!! How does it effect you?

Updated: Jan 26, 2019

Does GDPR sound familiar to you? Remember Cambridge Analytica, facebook??

Yes GDPR means General Data Protection Regulation, It is a regulation passed in European Union that effects all European Citizens, In a nutshell it says any Company

holding personal/identifiable data should need Owner's consent before sharing/collaboration or processing. This regulation comes into effect today 25/5.More info on this can be found on the wiki page.

So that effect you and me? Any Indian company having clients in EU or EU users data have to comply this order. Apart from this any Non-EU country/member is un-effected however if you are using software's like Facebook or an apps downloaded from play-store i'm sure you would be bombarded with some privacy policy changes requiring your consent.

My take on this- Its a good step forward, meaning company's now should respect data and be careful with it rather than use the common phrase "Play with the data". It also brings a social responsibility in the sense that users are also careful with what data they would want to expose. yes, minors are protected under this regulation requiring parent's consent.

Love to hear your take on this..Happy blogging!!

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