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My tips to resolve conflicts @ work-place

What is a conflict? According to me it is a deep rooted human emotion that causes disruption in flow or may result in increase or decrease value throughput.

Why does conflict happen? It happens when people do not flow in sync with common agenda resulting in clash of ideas, principles and agreed understanding.

As a manager what steps you can take to prevent it? The moment "Conflict" arises one thinks of the Thomas Kilmann Conflict Model( for more info) however let us get go beyond those theories and discuss some basic steps:-

1. Be an active Listner

2. Acknowledge and empathize

3. Come up with a strategy and lay the ground rules

4. Lastly, ensure that this plays out in closed doors

confidentially maintained and both parties are relaxed/calm.

Finally let's discuss on the strategy that you could use:- Based on my current and previous experience( I was one of the conflicting parties then :) )

1. Set the stage for both the parties to present themselves.

2. Come with ground rules - in my current experience i had to

ask both parties to right down(on a white board) 3 points on what

their respective issues or concerns are and 3 suggestions to resolve those.

3. Agree to commit and Disagree to commit.

4. End the discussion by appreciating both parties and reminding them of their

commitments and importance of team vision/goal.

5. Finally post discussion, come with innovative ideas to promote team unity, get your team to do fun team building activities and inject positivity by rewarding folks doing good work.

As a Manager ( or a scrum master in agile teams) don't be dejected by conflicts it can be also be perceived as clash of innovative minds. It all depends on how you channelize it and achieve great things.

Love to hear your comments..Happy blogging!!

“Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” -Michael Jordan

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