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Smart Tissue Paper - Life saver for Healthcare Industry

Updated: Mar 19, 2018

University of Washington engineers have turned toilet tissue paper to a wearable sensor!!

Yes, that's true. There is no stopping innovation, engineers are thinking out of the box to come with simple, affordable solutions that impact our society.

University of Washington engineers showed that on tearing tissue paper

loaded with electricity-conducting carbon nanotubes, the paper acts as a sensor.

The flexible and inexpensive sensor has potential applications in healthcare,

entertainment and robotics. To trace eye movement, they’re attached to a person’s spectacles.

For example, monitoring a person’s gait or the movement of their eyes can be used to track brain's activities or a game user's actions. The sensor could track how a special-needs child walks for a routine test, sparing the child the need for hospital visits. Or the sensors could be used in occupational therapy for the elderly.

"These Band-aid sensors can be thrown after one time use. The study was funded partially by Samsung Research America through the Think Tank Team Award"

Hope this was interesting read..Happy Blogging!! More detailed study can be found in below link.

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